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I Have a Good New Jersey Divorce Lawyer: Now How Do I Minimize My Costs?

New Jersey Divorce Lawyers customarily charge each divorce client, based on the amount of time that they spend on the client’s case.

If you are in the middle of a New Jersey divorce case, you probably cringe before you open your lawyer’s invoice.  These are just some of the most common reactions:

  • My lawyer charged me for just sitting in court!
  • I can’t believe how much it cost just to talk on the phone with my lawyer!
  • I am paying a fortune just to have my lawyer put together all the documents I need!

In last week’s blog, I talked about how you might be able to reduce the cost of your New Jersey divorce by retaining the right New Jersey divorce lawyer.  That might minimize the times that your lawyer will charge you for just sitting in court because, even though lawyers cannot control the court’s wait time, a good New Jersey divorce lawyer will go to court only when necessary.

But how can you minimize the cost of all those telephone calls with your lawyer?  You need to talk, right? That is correct, but your communications with your New Jersey divorce lawyer should be as efficient as possible.  Here’s how to do that:

  • Unless it’s a true emergency, don’t call your lawyer every time you think of something.  Make a running list and call once you have several things to talk about.
  • Better yet, send your lawyer an e-mail with the list of things you want to talk about, so the lawyer can either send you a reply e-mail or at  least consider your list before talking to you, rather than “on the fly” during your conversation.
  • Choose carefully what you feel that you need to take the lawyer’s time to talk about.  If it’s really not significant, or you’re just calling to “vent” your feelings at that moment, maybe it’s not worth the cost of the call.

The there’s all those documents that often need to be prepared in New Jersey Divorce cases, such as Case Information Statements (CIS), Answers to Interrogatories and Responses to Requests for Production.  The obvious way to minimize the time your lawyer has to spend is to do as much as possible yourself.  Good New Jersey divorce lawyers appreciate—and welcome—clients who listen to their instructions and provide their lawyers with well-organized, complete documentation.

If you work as a “team” with your New Jersey divorce lawyer, not only will you minimize the legal costs; you may also expedite the resolution of the case, because your spouse and his/her lawyer will be able to appreciate the merits of your position.

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